We don't promise, we deliver.

Our customers can enjoy all the benefits of alternative transportation modes and take advantage of their increasing popularity and strong growth in order to stay and become even more competitive in its market in the future.

ecological sensibility

global logistic

technical support

control & visibility

One size doesn't fit all.


We are providing our customers with individually tailored logistical solutions and services satisfying the requirements.

Our full service offer comprises all logistic relevant steps and sundry other things which might be significant


in order to deliver best practice and excellence.


Our operational processes are given by our customers, enabling us to suit perfectly into customers own structures

and having us focused on our expertise.

The result is, having lean structures, fast decisions and optimized cost effective logistic. Our core competence

is the handling of liquid and dry bulk cargo with a track record of more than 20 years.


PrimeLoQ is adaptive and innovative in the development of packaging systems and its various accessories.

We are sourcing from various production sites to produce flexitanks and container liner

that adhere to our specific and specialized requirements.


We work with the customer, fast and attentive, and we keep evolving to ensure that we remain at the forefront with our customers.