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Procurement and transportation, ensuring the availability of goods, raw materials and products, are unity.
The past years in particular have shown us and our customers that familiar processes and procedures in the procurement industry cannot be taken for granted.

Existing supply chains are shifting much faster today, or are even breaking down completely by external impacts. The demand, however, remains mostly almost unchanged.


This means that the supply chains have to change in order to meet the demand for products, raw materials and goods.

Our service increasingly includes logistical expertise and a reliable international network to procure technical products for our customers and to provide furthermore professional logistical distribution.


Among our trading activities our routes and our global network has grown by our international bulk liquid transportation.


We are providing our customers with individually tailored logistical solutions for the transportation of bulk liquids

and non-hazardous chemicals in flexitanks or other forms of bulk packaging such as container liners, IBC’s etc.


Our focus is a different one to many other provider. We are not just offering packaging solutions or just a common logistic service.

We deliver very personal and individual tailor-made solutions with the aim to reduce overall costs by eliminating errors.

PrimeLoQ offers powerful features and process support that monitors your supply chain and gives you increased control.


We have an extensive global network of experienced and reliable agents worldwide which we use to the benefit

of all our customers wherever they do business across the globe. In this way, we can deliver logistical expertise coupled

with the highest standards of technical support for our packaging systems. PrimeLoQ is part and leading brand of an initiative

of powerful companies offering business excellence globally unrivaled of that market.

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